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About US

AZ Capital is an independent investment banking firm that provides financial services such as Cryptocurrency, Stock market, and the Forex market to businesses and individuals. Our only Motto is to Help people conquer the trade market and Grow their Businesses. All our Services are tailored to help the Client (You) Grow your Money.

Our Objectives and Aims

Our objective is to build long-term relationships with our clients offering them value-added services based upon the following 4 pillars:

AZ Capital has only one purpose, to provide the most comprehensive service to our clients. Independence is substantiated by AZ Capital’s Decentralised structure.

At AZ Capital our clients always come first. WE express our own and impartial opinions, regardless of whether or not they imply the execution of a transaction, to attain more profits. Our client’s transactions are private.

Our team’s broad experience and financial knowhow enables US to provide the best service to our clients always.

WE aim to hold longterm relationships with our clients allowing US to work hand in hand with them and to offer them the best financial growth.




Cloud Mining Service allows Clients to Mine Cryptocurrencies without the Expensive Overhead Costs. For More Information Contact

An one of a kind FUND that uses the Client’s API to Trade and Increase the Client’s Portfolio over time. Read the Investor Proposal for more information. Click Here

TradingView Indicator’s that can be used on all financial markets at all time frames.

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Exclusive VIP Services regarding the Financial Markets and other AZ Capital Services.

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Contact US to know more about the VIP privileges.

A Multi-Vendor Marketplace for everyone. Register and Start Selling Your Products. WE don’t charge any Listing Fees, Just 5% Purchase Fees once You’ve made a sale.

One of the Most Trusted and Successful Crypto Exchange from Changelly is Integrated at the bottom of the page.

Educational Content, Technical Analysis, Insider Insights, Trade Calls and Setups for Crypto, Stock, Forex and Commodities posted on our Telegram Group. Click here

Helping Businesses and Individuals Grow their Social Presence and Monetize for Profits. Click Here

Fighting Scams involving Crypto has been a PRIORITY for US since the start. Our mission is to make blockchain safer to use for everyone by exposing scammers and other criminals who abuse it. Contact US and get address checked to help protect yourself against scams. Click Here

Available in the FUTURE

A Governance Security Token that can be Used for AZ Capital Services and More. (Date Yet to be Decided)

If you have a project in mind and would like to partner with US, WE’re open to hear them and discuss. All you have to do is Contact US.

Our Team





The AZ Capital Family is Evolving and Filled with an Arsenal of Expertise.

6 Analysts/Traders with Over 14 Years of Experience in Financial Markets.

2 Audits with Over 21 Years of Experience in Financial Audits.

AZ Capital is Registered in both India and UAE.
Head Office located in India.